Here at Blossom Home Care, our clients are our top priority. Many of those under our care are unable to drive themselves from one location to another – for a variety of reasons. These reasons might include injury, trouble seeing, or even the use of certain medications. For these clients, we offer reliable, affordable Atlanta and Marietta senior transportation services.

Who Needs Marietta Senior Transportation?

If you or a loved one needs senior transportation in the Marietta or Metro Atlanta area, choosing Blossom Home Care for your needs is simple! We offer transportation for the following needs – and more!

Senior Appointments

Hair appointments, salon appointments, repair appointments, and more all require that you travel outside of your home. However, getting there is difficult to arrange sometimes. With Blossom Home Care’s transportation services, you can take the worry out of arranging a ride in Metro Atlanta and Marietta. Our drivers will arrive at the scheduled time and help you get to where you need to go.

Grocery Shopping

While delivery services are getting more and more popular, it doesn’t scratch that “getting out of the house” itch for our clients during the week. For clients who want to be more independent, having a ride to and from the grocery store can be a huge source of pride.

Social Outings

For clients who wish to meet with friends for social outings, having reliable, on-time transportation can be very freeing. Our transportation services eliminate the hassle of asking a friend or family member to take clients from one place to another. Plus, our friendly care team members love chatting with clients!

Family Visits

Getting to family gatherings can be stressful, especially if a client doesn’t want to feel like a burden on the family. We certainly hope the people we care for never feel like that, but we gladly offer our services for any situation, regardless of why it’s requested.

Blossom Home Care: Your Choice for Atlanta & Marietta Senior Transportation

Each of our drivers is carefully selected and fits our team’s high standards. We offer transportation services that are reliable, punctual, and efficient. Are you ready to schedule your next ride? Learn more or contact our team today to plan your next trip!