Home Care Assistance

All of our Marietta senior home care services are offered with your at-home independence and self-sufficiency in mind. You can also contact us about a personalized care plan.

Personal Care

Assistance for activities of daily living (ADLs) so that you can feel more independent at home.

Companion Care

Individuals without a strong support system can create an everlasting bond with our team.

Fall Prevention

Support services and family assistance to establish a safe and more comfortable environment.

Alzheimer’s & Dementia

Personalized care for patients with degenerative brain diseases from mild to extensive degrees.

Respite Care

Short-term relief for primary caregivers in emergency situations or for simple short-term relief.

Hospice Care

This hospice care allows loved ones to spend their precious time in comfortable surroundings.

Home Health Check

Preventive care services that help maintain and promote each client’s independence and health.


Incidental transportation for those who need to travel for shopping, errands, or appointments.

Other Skilled Services

Our home care aides also specialize in wound care, catheter care, pain management, post-surgical care, and chronic disease management (such as COPD, diabetes, hypertension, and incontinence) care.

Home Care for Everyone, 24/7

You may find our services especially beneficial if you: are frail, elderly, or housebound; are terminally, chronically, or acutely ill; need surgery; are physically or mentally challenged; were recently discharged from hospital; or are an accident victim. We offer variable rates based on the type of service, when it is provided, and where it is delivered. Service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to conform to clients’ needs and preferences. There are no additional charges for nights or weekend shifts.