Here at Blossom Homecare in Marietta, GA, we know that senior safety is incredibly important. Independence can help improve your family member’s quality of life but may also open them up to some dangers. If you’re looking for ways to prevent senior falls and accidents, we have several tried-and-true tips. Implementing a few of these modifications and precautions can significantly reduce the risk of falls and promote a safe environment for our senior family members.

How to Prevent Senior Falls: 5 Senior Safety Tips

#1: Ditch Hazards and Improve Visibility to Prevent Senior Falls

Creating a clutter-free living space is vital to minimize the risk of falls. Remove any loose rugs, furniture, or electrical cords that could pose a tripping hazard. Additionally, you can take some time to ensure that all main pathways in the house are well-lit. Nightlights can be used at nighttime to improve visibility.

#2: Make Modifications in the Bathroom

The bathroom is, unfortunately, a common area where falls can occur. You may want to install non-slip mats or adhesive strips in the bathtub or shower to prevent senior falls. A raised toilet seat or a toilet frame with handrails can also offer improved support, making it easier for seniors to sit and stand. Installing a shower chair or bench can also provide a safe and comfortable place to sit while bathing.

#3: Prevent Senior Falls by Improving Accessibility and Mobility

To enhance senior safety at home, you’ll also need to improve accessibility and mobility. For example, you could start by installing handrails along staircases and ensuring that they are secure and sturdy. If necessary, ramps can replace steps, making it easier for seniors with mobility aids such as walkers or wheelchairs to navigate around the house. 

Rearranging furniture is another great way to create clear and wide pathways, making it a good way to prevent senior falls.

#4: Encourage Staying Active at Home

As we’ve discussed on the Blossom Homecare blog, regular exercise and strength training can improve balance, strength, and flexibility, and can help prevent senior falls. We recommend that you encourage your loved ones to engage in low-impact activities. These may include walking, tai chi, or chair exercises specifically designed for seniors. 

#5: Hire Home Care Aides

In cases where seniors require additional assistance, hiring home care aides can be a beneficial option. Home care aides can offer companionship, medication reminders, help with mobility, and fall prevention exercises, contributing to the overall well-being of seniors.

Blossom Home Care: Prevent Senior Falls & Accidents with Specialized Care

The home care experts at Blossom Home Care in Marietta are highly trained professionals. We can provide supervision and support when other family members are unavailable. Remember, it’s also important to assess individual needs and consult healthcare professionals. This will provide you with personalized recommendations to provide the best care and support for seniors at home.

We can help monitor your family member’s health, assist with daily activities, and ensure a safer living environment. To learn more about how we can help you and your loved one, get in touch with us today or schedule a free consultation!